Need help Scheduling?

Schedules are tough!

Let's put aside for the moment the requirements some states may have on how many hours per day a parent must spend educating their child and just talk about some of the ways people want to schedule their educational time.

You may choose a four day school week. You may choose to homeschool year round. You may choose to take the month of December off. You may choose a six week on and one week off schedule. Every family dynamic is different, and so your schedule will naturally be different as well.

We found a great way to help organize your curriculum schedule!

Based on our experience, and many conversations with homeschooling families, we have found that the easiest way to organize a schedule is to take the entire curriculum and divide it by the amount of days you plan on homeschooling in that given year. Keep in mind that you may want to incorporate makeup days to cover when a child is sick, has a play date, etc.

Then create your schedule using whichever format works best for you. (Personally, I found excel files work best for me).

In our Community Files area, you will find community-provided schedules for many of the popular homeschool curriculums on the market. These will come in many different formats (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) and are available to all our members.

For members who want to share schedules they have prepared, the Community Files area has a link to upload your plan. Please remember to remove any personal or identifiable information prior to uploading.